Senior Transportation

Senior Transportation From Caregiving For You

The need to get around town doesn’t end when your first AARP newsletter arrives. That’s why senior transportation from Caregiving For You is such a useful service. Home health care services are important, but they only cover activities inside your home. For the elderly, even routine outings outside the home can become an adventure when driving skills begin to fade.

It’s not just a matter of convenience. Senior citizens who are unable to drive go out less for all kinds of appointments. This can lead to loneliness. It can also have a serious effect on your health. Seniors need to visit doctor’s offices and clinics more than younger adults. Senior transportation from Caregiving For You ensures that your loved one can keep up with important appointments. It also makes it easier and safer to visit family and friends on a regular basis.

The End of Driving

Many seniors are reluctant to give up driving privileges. This is a natural reaction to the feeling of freedom and independence that driving represents in our culture. Unfortunately, the onset of old age and infirmity can make driving unsafe. Sensory impairments like a decline in vision, depth perception, hearing, and other problems are inevitable.

Many seniors who enjoy home health care still cling to their driving privileges. They might be reluctant to admit that their driving skills have declined. They’re afraid of losing their independence. Some seniors are aware that they shouldn’t be driving, but continue to drive a car to avoid becoming a burden on their families. Our senior transportation services make it easier for our clients to stop driving without losing their ability to get out of the house on a regular basis.

Safer Than Public Transportation

Senior transportation service from Caregiving For You is much safer and more convenient than using public transportation. Riding the bus is safer than driving for the sensory impaired, but it can be physically and mentally demanding. For a younger person, missing a public transit connection is no big deal. For a senior citizen, it can be a calamity. If your loved one has limited mobility, or becomes disoriented easily, public transportation isn’t the answer.

Extra Assistance Makes Senior Transportation Safer

Our senior transportation helpers are specially trained to deal with the elderly and infirm. We take extra care to guard against falls at the beginning and end of your trip. We’ll lend a helping hand with any groceries or bundles you might have with you. You’ll appreciate our punctuality and reliability, too. Unlike public transportation, our schedule revolves around you. If you need a few extra minutes to get ready, we’re happy to wait. Our only mission is to get you where you need to go, safely and cheerfully.

Avoid Isolation With Senior Transportation

It’s really important to guard against a feeling of isolation when seniors are no longer able to drive themselves to daily appointments. The children of seniors often volunteer to drive their loved ones when they need it, but today’s hectic schedules make it nearly impossible to be available all the time. That leads to seniors missing out on trips to the library, civic functions, social engagements, and wellness care appointments.

If you’re the designated driver for a senior, you can use senior transportation services from Caregiving For You to pick up the slack when you’re not available. We’re available on short notice, so if something comes up at the last minute, we’re ready to help.

Caring for Seniors Is Our Business

Senior transportation from Caregiving For You is your ticket to true peace of mind. Our home health care services are based on compassionate, attentive care for all of our clients. That commitment to kindness extends to all our services, including our transportation service. We’ll look after your family member like a member of our own family. All of our staff are highly trained to deal with the details that accompany senior services, and we always deliver our service with a big smile. We love helping people, and it shows.

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