Los Angeles Assisted Home Care

Assisted Home Care

Home is where the heart is, so it’s no surprise most people want to live in their homes as long as possible. Home not only holds memories of family gatherings and loved ones, but it also stands for independence. Caregiving For You understands this and works with families to provide the right kind of assisted home care for their loved ones in the place they feel most comfortable.

Every family and patient is special in their own way, which is why we at Caregiving For You provide many different assisted home care services. We offer specialized care, personalized for each client. Our high quality caregivers are trained to meet client needs and exceed expectations.

Assisted home care can range from a couple of hours a week to around-the-clock assistance, and can cover different in-home services. Our individualized intake process will help you assess what is right for you and your family. Together, we’ll come up with a working plan that addresses the needs of your loved ones.Assisted home care providers in Los Angeles County

Respite Care

Sometimes assisted home care is only needed for a couple of weeks a year or a few hours a day to help provide a break for a primary caregiver. Respite care provides peace of mind by ensuring your loved one is properly cared for while you’re away. Respite care may include companion care, meal preparation services, assistance with medications, and personal care as needed. Depending on the type of care your loved one needs, these services may be done by a certified nursing assistant or a companion.

Companion Care

Being home alone all day can be tiresome. With companion care, a loved one can spend time with another individual in their home, telling stories, watching movies, or doing a project together. Our companions not only provide social interaction, but they can also remind clients about medications and appointments or help them prepare food. Companion Care is non-medical care and can be part of a well-rounded assisted home care program.

Meal PreparationAssisted Home Care 2

For those who want to ensure their loved ones are eating healthy meals, a meal preparation program may be best. Our caregivers know all about good nutrition, dietary needs, and dietary restrictions. They can help prepare and cook a delicious meal for your loved one-right in the comfort of their home.

Personal Care

Aging certainly has its pitfalls, and having difficulty completing activities of daily living (ADLs) is one of them. Personal care services can be an important component of an assisted home care plan. As our loved ones have difficult bathing themselves, dressing, or performing other daily hygiene tasks, they may require more specialized assistance. Assisted home care can help by providing trained caregivers to assist with those tasks that have become more difficult to do. We provide respectful, loving care as we assist our clients with the help they need.

Disability Care

A disability shouldn’t stop a loved one from getting around or receiving care. Our disability care is attuned to the needs of your loved one. We can provide in-home care such as companion care and personal care, all while ensuring the specific needs of your loved one are provided for. We will work with healthcare providers, family members, and the client to create a unique assisted home care plan that works.

In addition to these in-home caregiving services, we also have trained staff that can help with the unique circumstances of elder care, as well as Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

Caregiving For You understands the unique challenges the elderly face as they try to maintain their independence. With our assisted home care services, we can help loved ones stay comfortably in their homes for as long as possible, all while ensuring they’re receiving the care they need.

A beneficial assisted home care plan will include services tailored towards your family’s needs. Our goal is to provide a loving service that feels like family care. We are a family-owned business and believe in treating our clients like family and building loving, honest relationships as we provide the care they deserve. Assisted home care allows us to do this in an environment that is comfortable for our clients. Please contact us today to discuss your options and set up an introduction with one of our expert in-home health care workers.