Dementia Care

Dementia Care

When your loved one suffers from dementia, it’s hard to know what to do. People who suffer from dementia often require special and unique home care services. Caring for your loved one poses many challenges that may require hospice home care services. Adults with dementia suffer from conditions such as Alzheimer’s and other brain-related disorders. These disorders make it hard for them to think clearly, communicate with others, remember things, and even take care of themselves. In addition, some disorders of dementia care patients cause personality and behavior changes, or severe mood swings.

Some of the more common symptoms of dementia care patients include:

Short-term Memory Loss

A person who needs dementia care may remember details from long ago, but they cannot recall what was said to them or what they were doing a minute or two ago. They may ask the same questions repeatedly over and over. In their mind, they don’t remember asking about it before, so they ask again.

Problems with Speech & Comprehension

A person in need of dementia care may lose their ability to communicate in a normal fashion. They may forget certain common words like ‘television’ or ‘pencil’, or may use it in place of another common word.


A significant portion of dementia care patients also suffer from depression. Those who suffer from depression tend to be apathetic and moody, and are usually very different from their normal personality. Other, more serious symptoms include weight loss, insomnia, or physical and emotional withdrawal. Getting a dementia care patient under the care and companionship of a home health care service can ease some of the symptoms of their depression, and help them feel better.

Weight Loss

Seniors needing dementia care often experience weight loss. Scientists have theorized that dementia causes changes in the brain that control appetite and metabolism. In addition, seniors needing dementia care simply may forget to eat. Home health care aides from an in-home care service will make sure the dementia care patient eats their meals on a regular basis, and can even help cook and clean up afterward!


Dementia care patients may suffer from confusion regarding many things around them. Even in a familiar environment, dementia care patients often experience inaccurate perceptions about where, when and sometimes even who they are. This, along with memory loss, may cause a loved one to wander. To prevent this, we can provide home health care aides to assist your loved one and make sure they are safe.

Impaired Executive Function

A patient can lose their ability to effectively plan and execute tasks. This is especially true for tasks which require complex thinking like language, reasoning, or memory. They may require the assistance of in-home care services to help them take care of many tasks.

Behavioral Disorders

A person needing dementia care often experiences behavioral and personality changes. It is important to note whether these are a part of their normal personality, or if there is a significant behavioral difference.

We are the Experts in Tender Loving Care for Dementia Care Patients

We at Caregiving For You understand how difficult it is when you’re loved one suffers from dementia. Patients who need dementia care require patience, understanding, and a little love. The caring professionals at Caregiving For You understand that dementia care patients suffer from many ailments. We make sure we understand your loved one’s unique situation so we can apply the best available care to make sure your loved one is safe and happy. Please contact us today and find out how that specialists at Caregiving For You can provide your loved one with the best in compassionate dementia care. We can help give you the peace of mind you need with caring in-home health care services.